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The club has about 12 players that game this period and on a typical club night we usually have 3 to 4 games . Games are organised in advance via e-mail, so if you contact the club secretary we can try our best to get you a game on your first visit. We use the Field of Glory: Ancient and Medieval rule set and are also starting to use Mortem et Gloriam.  These are both mainly play using 15mm figures, although several members have 25mm armies that are occasionally dusted off. Two of the club’s members are involved with writing both sets of rules and members have also made major contributions to the development of the associated army lists

A lot of the players take part in competitions across the UK (many organised by the British Historical Games Society) and around the World (South Africa, USA, Switzerland, France, Belgium and Italy have all been visited). We even have a few former World and National Champions. However, although small in number we have a cross section of experience and so new comers should not feel intimidated and are welcomed.


Armies used cover the full spectrum of ancient and medieval times. Between them club members own armies from the earliest times (Sumerian, Egyptian, Assyrian, Mitanni) through to the end of the Medieval Period (Wars of the Roses, Hungarian, Teutonic Knights, Ottoman Turks) and many in between (Romans, Aztecs, Chinese, Arab etc). There are several club members with a huge historical knowledge and large libraries, so help is on hand if you want to know about the historical side of the hobby. 


Newcomers, and new armies are very welcome.


The club has recently returned to playing Renaissance period games using the Field of Glory: Renaissance Rules after a brief flirtation with DBR. We have 4 players keen to play Renaissance regularly and several others that can field armies for the period. We currently use 15mm figures but again 25mm armies are available. One club member wrote the rules and a large part of the army lists with another member making contributions.


Again newcomers, and new armies are definitely welcome.


We use Field of Glory: Napoleonic, written by one of the club's members, using 15mm figures.

Newcomers are always welcome.

If you contact the club secretary we can let you know when someone is running a game or try and arrange on for you


We have several players using the Flames of War rule set, armies include US, Italian and Soviets with the odd German force turning up..


We have one or two players who support and play the BGMR rule set.


New members with new armies and new periods are always welcome.


The club has a number of players that turn their hand to Fantasy. Most recently we have a number of members with Companies for the “In Her Majesty’s Name” Victorian Steam Punk rules published by Osprey. Mounties, Chinese Tongs, elements of Scotland Yard, the Society of Thule and other factions regularly explore the world of the transmundane! If you contact the club secretary we can tell you whether anyone is planning a game

Occasionally a “Blood Bowl” tournament is held, with many members having long standing teams of Elves, Beastmen and the Undead.

We are located at:

Colman Redland Centre
Croydon Road



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